Mitch McCarthy


Mitch McCarthy is the man behind pop and alternative’s next big hits. His dedication to his profession and the clients he works with is the key point of his continued success. By pairing his own creative vision with that of each artist, Mitch puts his own touch on each project while enhancing the artist’s own image.

Mitch left the SF Bay Area in 2011 to work for top 40 Producers Mario Marchetti and Marc Himmel at their production studio based in Hollywood. After 4 years he decided to head out on his own to mix exclusively.

Now from his studio (Mr. Ed’s old barn) in Tarzana, Mitch is in the center of today’s music industry where he is inspired by current trends and seeks to take them a step further.

Mitch’s name can be seen and talent can be heard on the works of Melanie Martinez, Carly Rae Jepson, Betty Who, Giorgio Moroder and Bibi Bourelly.

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